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The Importance Of Video Marketing

The Importance Of Video Marketing

Video marketing is on the rise and it is here to stay. All brands should incorporate the use of video into their marketing. Why? Because it drives better results and has become important on every online platform. A recent study showed 82% of consumers said they favour video over other types of content and as well as that it earns 12 times more shares than images and text combined. When it comes to video, marketers must pay attention and not take it lightly in order to get the best out of their marketing strategy for their brand. Here are 2 reasons about the importance of video marketing and why it should be in your marketing plan.The Importance Of Video Marketing

1. Engagement

Images are visual and enhance your business by communicating a particular message to consumers however videos are better for engagement. 4 times as many people would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. Video has a further reaching effect amongst today’s online users than any form of content. The internet is full of so much information and content that readers must make a decision about what they look at and consume. A video takes less time to consume than a long post or an article. Time is a significant factor why people engage more with video. Video brings a clearer understanding of the benefits regarding a particular brand and what they offer. Video content will provoke an emotional response from viewers. More often than not they will share information they identify with the most, allowing your business a chance at free exposure to potential customers and their online community. People share emotions, not facts so creating fun entertaining videos and targeting emotions will encourage social shares and increase traffic to your site, and from there an increase in sales.

2. Ranking

Google is the most popular search engine on the internet. Google loves videos, using them in different types of content and various web pages can work wonders for your SEO ranking. Adding a video to your website actually makes a first page Google result 50x more likely. Videos increase the time spent by visitors on your site. It is important those videos are optimised very well to get the most out of SEO. What does that mean? This means incorporating the right keywords relating to your brand and what you do, a good description, and a strong relevant title. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet. Being there is a must when your potential buyers are searching for things relevant to your brand. The greatest opportunity to achieve success on this platform is educational-style videos, especially since “how-to” searches are so common on Youtube. Also add a link back to your website and your product offerings provide another avenue for revenue. Give potential customers the way to take the next step. Videos allow you to increase the time spent by visitors on your site. Time spent on a website is a key element of the Google algorithm to ranking high on the search page so make sure videos are quality so viewers will watch until the end.

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