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SEO Cork

SEO Cork

SEO Cork – Our Process

SEO Cork - processWe develop and implement SEO strategies for Cork businesses that improve your natural search engine rankings. While it’s impossible to guarantee specific results from SEO, we have a great track record of running successful search engine optimisation projects, with a host of clients getting to number one in search engine ranking pages for the search terms that are most important to their business. We have a very particular process that we go through here at 3B1 which helps us get the best results for your business.

Step 1: Initial Meeting

Before the initial meeting we will have already carried out some preliminary keyword research using specialist software to come up with a list of keywords that we should be targeting. We then meet with you to get a full understanding of your industry and the search terms that you would like to rank highly for. We will then go through some suitable options that we think will help to boost your natural rankings and come up with specific goals to measure the success of the campaign.

Step 2: Full SEO Audit

After our initial meeting, we will carry out a full SEO audit of your website. This helps us find any issues with your website that could be causing you to have a lower ranking in Google. We then compile a list of all of the issues for future reference. It’s not uncommon for us to find hundreds or even thousands of issues that need resolving when we carry out an audit, so it’s a great way to gauge how much work is needed to get your site from where it is now to where it needs to be.

Step 3: Content Generation

At this stage, we will start to develop content for your websites blog. Each piece of content is a minimum of 350 words and is designed specifically to help improve your natural rankings for the keywords which have been laid out in our initial meeting. We will also implement an internal linking strategy on all generated content to further improve your rankings for specific keywords. All content generated will then be posted to your social media profiles along with backlinks to the content on your website.

Step 4: Link Building

We implement a tailored link building strategy for your business. Building quality links makes it easier for search engines to find your site while giving your website more authority. A Strong link building strategy can hugely benefit your rankings.

Step 5: On Page Optimisation

We will optimise all of the relevant pages on your website for the web. To do this we will refer to the list of issues that we found while conducting our SEO audit. This includes resolving visibility issues, title issues, description issues, content issues, link issues, image issues and semantic issues.

Step 6: Rank Tracking

We will track your rankings in search engine ranking pages for specific search terms and keywords. This ensures that all SEO results are completely measurable and that our work is transparent. We then send you regular reports comparing them to the last period so you can see how your SEO is being benefited by our work.

SEO Cork – Examples Of Previous Happy Clients

We have had great results from our search engine optimisation strategies for businesses in Cork over the last number of years. We have been able to get many of our clients to rank #1 for the specific keywords that they wanted which has helped drive traffic to their website and growth for their company. Here are a few examples.

1: Elite Pilates

Elite Pilates is a Cork business that provides its customers with one to one and and group Pilates workouts. They have several studios around Cork including one in Donnybrook commercial centre, The Kingsley Hotel and Kinsale. One of the main keyword phrases that they wanted to rank highly for was “Pilates Cork”. We laid out and implemented a successful strategy which has lead to them being #1 in Google’s natural rankings for the search term “Pilates Cork”.



2: AM Leak Detection

Advance Maintenance Leak Detection is a company that specialises in detecting leaks, building drying and mould eradication. On of the main keywords that they wanted to rank highly for was “Leak Detection Cork”, so we put an SEO plan in place and are continually implementing it over time. The results have been fantastic. AM Leak Detection is now ranked #1 in natural search for the search term “Leak Detection Cork” which puts them right in front of potential customers right when they need their services.


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