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#1. The Client

Womens Fitness are Ireland’s leading women only gyms.

#2. The Situation

The Womens Fitness team was about to open their first gym in Dublin. As part of the launch they needed a dedicated Dublin website, a brand refresh and a brand video ad to generate demand.

#3. The Goals

1. To build a new website for Women’s Fitness
2. To create city wide awareness of Women’s Fitness Dublin
3. To drive signups for early membership access
4. To get new members

#4. The Approach

Designed and built a new website to modernise the WF brand in this new location.
Created a digital marketing campaign to generate demand before launch.
Created a 30 second YouTube ad.
Use a mix of creative digital assets to deliver high ROI.

#5. The Results

Over 2,000,000 campaign impressions 
100% new member uptake