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Digital Marketing

There has been a long and lasting debate in the marketing world when it comes to the concepts of traditional and digital marketing. Some argue that the primary focus of a business in this day and age should be purely digital. Others believe that there is still a place for traditional marketing. And If you purely focus on traditional marketing… well it's time to get with the times.  What is the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing? Traditional marketing is conducted in the offline setting (newspapers, print, radio, billboards, etc.) whereas digital marketing is purely online (social media, online advertising, influencers,

Many small businesses make the big mistake of trying to do everything by selling lots of products and trying to appeal to every type of audience. Identifying a niche something that all new small businesses should do. A niche is a specific, focused part of the market that can be easily targeted. It means being a specialist in providing products which focus on specific client group’s needs, which isn't or can't be addressed in detail by bigger businesses selling different ranges of products to all different types of audiences. Your niche and target market are completely different so it is important

No matter what market you’re in, competition exists. Marketing in today’s world can be difficult because it is highly competitive and competition for online space is huge. All businesses want to outperform their competitors however they can find it challenging to stand out from them. Here are 3 tips to overcome competitors. 1: Know Your Customers Thoroughly knowing your customers will help you serve them more effectively. Understanding their needs, their problems and what they like will allow you to adapt your products and services to satisfy them. A great way to find out information and details regarding your customers is through

  There’s no doubt about it. The speed at which digital is changing the world is unprecedented and companies simply have to keep up or will likely fall to the wayside in time to come. Transformation is not easy for businesses of any size. Companies feel like they have to stay on top of 101 things that they are being told digital can do for them - otherwise they’re “missing out”. For many organisations both big and small there also can be a reluctance to change what has always worked. These issues combined can lead to the perception that there is

A business involves risk, quality market research will help reduce that risk significantly. Market research is important to the success of the business because it eliminates any guesswork. It gives you the information and data necessary to help you create and drive a marketing strategy to successfully achieve your goals and objectives for your business. Market research is a systematic approach that will make marketing easier and more effective for you. Market research is applicable to all stages of a business life cycle whether that is starting a new business venture or if you are currently operating a business. It

Viral marketing is the creation of video or visual content that resonates with people to the point where the content is shared and seen by huge numbers of people. Creating a marketing campaign or piece of content that goes viral is what every marketer would love for their brand. By a piece of content spreading like wildfire digitally all over the world, engagement and awareness of that brand increase dramatically. There is no straightforward answer to how content goes viral. It's close to impossible to know what will and what won't go viral however there are some steps you can

Great digital marketing agencies can work wonders for businesses. Picking an agency to help your business reach its goals and grow might seem easy due to the huge pool of digital agencies available. However, when it comes to deciding which one your business should work with, it is not so simple. Hiring a digital marketing agency can be an excellent investment for your organisation if you pick one that is good. Choosing a bad company to handle your marketing can result in a long run loss. Someone might wonder how do you know if a digital marketing agency is really

Split testing is a method of controlling randomised marketing experiments in order to improve and optimise a website specific metrics like engagement levels, clicks, ads, call to actions, form completions or sales etc. Split testing is generally the measurement of two or more unique pages or ads against each other which are given an even split of traffic to each variant. Small or big changes can be done i.e complete different page design or just slight variations such as different text copy or changing a headline. When implementing A/B split testing you are typically trying measure just one change. If you