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What Is Split Testing And Its Benefits?

Split testing is a method of controlling randomised marketing experiments in order to improve and optimise a website specific metrics like engagement levels, clicks, ads, call to actions, form completions or sales etc. Split testing is generally the measurement of two or more unique pages or ads against each other which are given an even split of traffic to each variant. Small or big changes can be done i.e complete different page design or just slight variations such as different text copy or changing a headline. When implementing A/B split testing you are typically trying measure just one change. If you try to measure too many different things your results won’t be accurate as they are too broad. You can also use A/B/C type testing if the amount of traffic supports having more than 2 variations giving you better quality results to adjust your marketing efforts to get the most out of your campaign. There are many different benefits as to why you should implement A/B testing in your campaigns.

Reduced Bounce Rates

What Is Split Testing And Its Benefits?

Creating different ads, landing pages and other marketing related tactics require a lot of time and effort. When people bounce from these it can be very disheartening and seem like you have wasted a lot of valuable time that could have been spent elsewhere. If this is happening it could be important to look at A/B split testing. Constant changes and tweaks will help you find a winning combination of elements that reduce bounce rates and provide people value from your content which will keep them on your content longer and ultimately may lead to a conversion.

Better Analysis

Using more variants for different aspects of marketing campaigns gives you more data results. This data is very beneficial to your company because it shows you exactly what is and what isn’t working. The in-depth analysis gathered from this testing allows you to get real-time data that can be used to make informed marketing decisions and ultimately leads to more effective marketing.

Increased Sales

A/B testing is a way of ensuring that you’re getting the best return on the time and effort you put into your campaigns. It helps you convert more traffic into paying customers which in turn leads to a bigger profit. The great thing about A/B testing is that it shows you what resonates best with people in an unbiased way. You can use the data gathered to appeal better to potential customers. When you draft two variants of a particular campaign, it’s easy to see what works and what doesn’t. A/B split testing can take a lot of extra time but when done properly will definitely help you convert more leads into sales.

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