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5 Tips For Better Facebook Advertising

5 Tips For Better Facebook Advertising

When it comes to Facebook ads it can sometimes be hard to understand what things will work for you and what things won’t. Here are some hints and tips that should help you engage more with your customers and get a higher CTR.

1: Let Other People Do The Selling

By this I don’t mean just stop trying. Some of the best performing Facebook advertisements of 2015 don’t just try to outright sell to the customers, they put their words in other people’s mouths. This is easier than it sounds. One way in which you can do this is to simply promote posts that reflect you in a positive light, another is to find partners who you can cross promote with so that it’s neither of you talking about yourselves.

2: Don’t Forget About Your Page

It’s easy to get caught up and focus solely on the advertising portion of your Facebook. However it makes all of your marketing efforts more credible if you have a long timeline with a lot of page updates.

3: Remember To Split-Test

There are many businesses out there that just run one or two ads and think that Facebook is useless and won’t work for them. Testing several different target audiences with different layouts and images is sure to show you what performs best for you.

4: Consider Outsourcing Your Ad Management

If you are inexperienced with Facebook advertising or you just don’t have the time for it you may want to consider outsourcing it to professionals. It’s effective, worthwhile and a certain way of finding something that works for you.

5: Facebook Only Offers

Creating specific Facebook only offers is an excellent method of drawing some engagement out of your Facebook fans. Write a post asking your fans what kind of offers they want to receive, most will be glad to engage. Then create a suitable limited time offer using a promo code or asking them to take a certain action when purchasing, then create the Facebook ad and promote it to your fans.