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2 Ways To Use Facebook Messenger To Benefit Your Business

The majority of people are aware of how Facebook can help you to grow your business but not many know how its Messenger platform can help your business become more successful. The Facebook Messenger platform has millions of active users. There is an average of 2 billion monthly messages sent between users and businesses on this platform with it expected to increase over the next two years. Facebook Messenger is now starting to become used more and more by businesses as they are recognising and leveraging its features to engage and communicate with new audiences and current customers. Here are 2 ways to use Facebook Messenger to benefit your business.

2 Ways To Use Facebook Messenger To Benefit Your Business

1: Customer Support/Engagement

Facebook Messenger is the perfect tool to facilitate customer support. Some customers prefer sending private messages rather than publicly posting or sharing information on your Facebook business page, so they can simply send a private message through Messenger. The messaging platform allows you to share private details and messages to help customers have a better experience with your brand. You can take orders, book appointments send pictures, links and other important details about products, services, and offers. Using the Messenger platform as another customer support channel will help you provide customers with a convenient and fast way to reach your business. People don’t have to be put on hold any longer stuck to silence or listening to annoying music while they wait for a customer service agent, they can now conveniently chat with your business.

2: Marketing/Advertising

Facebook Messenger allows you to put out ads through Messenger Ads to your target market and other audiences. When a person engages with the ad, they’ll be taken to the webpage of your choice which is done during the ad creation process. If you’re already familiar with Facebook advertising then, it will be easy for you because it works the same way. By simply changing the ad placement, you can enable your ads to show through Messenger. With these ads, it is easy to get your target audience into a conversation. When a person clicks your ad, a chat section with your business page will open. You can create a personalised message to encourage any lead to take a specific action. Messenger ads can be used to achieve specific goals and objectives like building brand awareness, encouraging engagement and driving further revenue.

Facebook Messenger in the past was simply a way to chat with people. However, now it is a powerful tool for advertising and engaging with customers. If your business isn’t using this platform, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. To see how we can help you use Facebook Messenger to grow your brand online, visit us online today and book a consultation.