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3 Ways To Reduce Your Bounce Rate

3 Ways To Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the estimate of how long site visitors spend on your website and leave before viewing a second page. A high bounce rate is mainly down to a poor customer experience that makes them want to leave their browsing session on your website. If your site visitors are leaving your site before you have a chance to turn them into customers, your business won’t grow. Outlined below are 3 ways to reduce your bounce rate.

3 Ways To Reduce Your Bounce Rate

1: Improve Your Page Load Time/Site Speed

When a person has to wait an excessive amount of time for a page to load on your website, whether that is the home page or a page within it, then an incredibly poor user experience is created. Site visitors tend to abandon a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds. The slower your page or pages load, the bigger the chances are you will have a high bounce rate. Google takes site speed into consideration when determining SEO rankings, a slow site speed can result in a slip down the rankings. Slow site speeds can damage your business and stop potential customers from buying from you.

2: Make Searching Easy

Adding a site search functionality to your website is a must. A great way to make sure people can find the information they’re looking for easy is by having a search box feature on your site. This allows them to enter exactly what they want in order to find relevant results. If users searching, do not instantly see what they want on a page, a search function is extremely useful instead of having them possibly leaving the page or site entirely because they are frustrated that they cannot find what they’re looking for.

3: Avoid Invasive Popups/Distracting Ads

When browsing on sites you don’t want to be hit with invasive pop-ups or ads. When they are well-timed they can increase conversions, getting more people signed up for your mailing list etc, however, they can be really frustrating and disrupt to a positive user experience on a website making them want to leave your site. Reserve them to the sides of your web pages so that the user’s attention is not being pulled from the area they are interested in that could make them a customer with you.

Don’t lose visitors to your website that are extremely valuable. Your focus shouldn’t be on optimising for better bounce rates but improving the overall user experience of your site. By optimising your website for a better user experience, bounce rates will take care of themselves. To see how we can help improve your bounce rate and create a better user experience on your website, visit us online today to schedule a meeting or call us on 021-2348038.