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2 More Different Types Of Marketing Videos Your Company Should Create

2 More Different Types Of Marketing Videos Your Company Should Create

Designing a video marketing strategy can seem overwhelming especially if you have never used video marketing before. Video marketing doesn’t have to cost your brand lots of money. With all the advancements in technology, video equipment is extremely cost-effective and even a smartphone can shoot high-quality video content. Even though web users today expect a high level of quality content, a small injection of creativity, time and money can result in the next viral video propelling your brand to new heights. Here are 2 more different types of marketing videos your company should create and put 2 More Different Types Of Marketing Videos Your Company Should Createinto your video marketing strategy.

Client Testimonials

Positive reviews make people and potential customers trust a business more and it this can be easily done through client testimonials. Client testimonials are a really effective type of video to have in your video marketing strategy. As well as building trust, they can be used to showcase many features of different products. It’s one thing for you to say how good your company and its products are, but it’s different to hear somebody else say it. When a potential buyer hears someone who isn’t connected to your brand in any way, talk highly of it, they’re more likely to trust in it and buy from it.

A great way to acquire these testimonials is during an in-store event, trade show, after the release of something new or inviting clients into the premises to shoot a video. Seeking out clients who were highly satisfied with your products and offerings is very important. If you have someone disinterested and unenthusiastic it will reflective negatively on your brand. Get a client that is eager to say nice things and good in conversation. However for these videos to be successful they need to look absolutely genuine. A viewer will be completely turned off your brand if they suspect you’re using scripts or paying people to say nice things so it is important to ensure this doesn’t come across in the video.

Educational Videos

Educational videos teach your viewing audience something new or build on to their existing knowledge. People love to learn new things and people love visual content. Videos are a very compelling way to learn how to do something because with a video you can see exactly how something is done. These types of videos can also educate your audience on a particular subject or topic in a particular industry. Think and ask yourself how many times you have looked up how to do something in your life? How-to searches are incredibly popular and according to Google, 91% of smartphone users consult their various devices to get help with doing a taskOnline videos can to be shared and engaged with all over the world at all hours of the day so it is important to create videos people are interested in and want to share with their friends. There are many benefits of creating educational videos for your brand. They increase brand engagement, they contain interesting facts and figures on subjects, they are great learning opportunities for people, they avoid heavy reading content and they provide a go-to resource for your audience that can be watched anywhere at any time.

The use of video content is an extremely effective tactic that all businesses should be using. If you would like to see how you can develop a better online presence and increase sales through video then contact us today.