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#1. The Client

Dyno-Rod are Ireland’s leading drainage company operating 24/7, nationwide.

#2. The Situation

During the April 2020 lockdown, Dyno-Rod began operating a 100% contactless service. However, incoming leads had almost entirely halted. From conducting research, we discovered that the public assumed their service required close contact which caused hesitancy.

#3. The Goals

1. Create content to demonstrate Dyno-Rod’s 100% contactless, socially distanced service.
2. Distribute the content to Dyno-Rod’s target audience on digital platforms.
3. Strengthen the Dyno-Rod brand.
4. Increase leads.

#4. The Approach

Within two weeks, we delivered an eye-catching and informative 30 second ad that was published across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
The animation communicated Dyno-Rod’s safe, 100% socially distanced service while visually emphasising their distinctive brand.

#5. The Results

Despite further lockdowns and an initial drop-off in business, by the end of 2020 Dyno-Rod had increased their leads by 48% versus 2019. To date, the ad has had over 1 million views and over 7,400 hours of total view time on YouTube and Facebook.