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Gac-Subcon – Website Design

GAC-Subcon, based in Youghal, are experts in process assembly. Many companies throughout Ireland in sectors ranging from automotive to medical devices trust their skill and expertise and outsource their component sourcing, sub-assembly and final assembly to them.

They had a very basic website when they came to use that made it difficult for potential clients to find information on the range of services provided and the different processes used by GAC-Subcon. They wanted to be able to showcase case studies in a clear and easy to follow format and wanted functionality so that they could reuse custom sections and edit them to fit their needs. GAC-Subcon also wanted a custom “Meet The Team” section on the about page with images and some information on different team members.contact us




Design a website that communicated the high-quality brand and ethos of GAC-Subcon


Use a video in the header of the home page on both mobile and desktop without heavily impacting site speed


Create an easy to follow menu structure to make finding information easy


Develop a custom, reusable “Meet The Team” section


Build a reusable template to allow case studies, services and processes to be shown as infographics

Our Approach

After meeting with GAC-Subcon’s appointed representative we designed the home page, about page, team members section, contact page, general content page and a general services page. After several designs and ongoing collaboration, the designs and menu structure were approved and we started coding.

We used a video showcasing GAC-Subcon including some drone footage in the header on desktop and mobile. In order to minimise the impact that the video would have on mobile, we adapted the site so that different versions of the video would show depending on the device that was being used at the time. This allowed us to use a video with a much smaller file size and quicker load time to diminish the negative impact it had on site speed.

We created a reusable “Meet The Team” section which has images of the people who work at GAC-Subcon and shows their name and position. When hovered over a “More Info” button is shown, when that is clicked it brings the user to a new page with a few bullet points on the individual as well as their contact and LinkedIn details

We built customisable sections to showcase studies, services and processes in an infographic manner. We made sure everything would able to be reused and edited so that GAC-Subcon could add more case studies, services or process in the future without having to come back and pay a developer.



GAC-Subcon have a beautiful website that shows their quality and makes them stand out from their competition


The smaller file size of the video header on mobile has resulted in the least possible impact on site speed


The new site was built with the user in mind so it’s simple to find info on services, case studies and processes in seconds


It’s easy for users to read about and get in contact with the most relevant individual to their needs at GAC-Subcon

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GAC-Subcon can create their own infographics on their live website without having to go to a developerWe recently had a new website built and they made this an easy experience. Their design and attention to detail are also great. 3B1 and all the team are very easy to work with and delivered a very user-friendly customised WordPress site that is perfect for our needs. They also are very efficient when it comes to supporting us with any issues we may have. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Jamie Murphy

Business Development & Marketing Manager, GAC-Subcon