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HubSpot is a leading CRM, sales, marketing and customer service online platform. They have recently just announced the launch of their new public directory which is a new and free offering to help agencies market their business and attract more inbound leads. The new site is an extension of their existing directory which currently features more than 700 listings and which previously was only available to HubSpot agency partners. Agencies spend most of their time catering for their clients, but often struggle to spend time marketing themselves. Sales can present an even bigger hurdle. The HubSpot agency directory is designed to

Video is one of the most powerful types of content a company can put out there. We are seeing an increase in its use on different online platforms. There are many types of videos but the use of interactive video content is one that seems to be growing in popularity. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two types of video content that are becoming more and more popular. Augmented Reality is a mixture of digital and the real world interface. It uses a digital overlay of information on the real world. Virtual Reality creates simulated, realistic, three-dimensional, lifelike worlds, offering

At the 2018 Google annual IO festival, their CEO showed off an incredible new feature of Google Assistant. It was revealed that in the close future that Google Assistant will be able to make phone calls on your behalf without any effort on the users part. The company's CEO Sundar Pichai played back a real conversation demonstration of this jaw-dropping capability in action, consisting of a phone call recording whereby the user wishes to place a hair appointment. Google Assistant gets told what to do by the user and it seamlessly places the phone call in the background. The voice

Today Google has marked it’s 18th birthday with a doodle of the “G” from Google blowing up a balloon and shaping it into the rest of their name, “oogle”. The G blows the balloon up a bit too much and begins to fly away before falling back to earth to start the GIF over again. So, happy birthday Google. But is it really Google’s birthday? Yes, no, kind of… Firstly, there is the question of whether Google is actually 18 years old. It could actually be 19 years old. The Google.com domain name was first registered on September 15th in 1997,

Pokémon Go is the latest mobile gaming craze, which within a week had gained more daily active users than Twitter and added roughly 7 billion euro to Nintendo’s stock prices. The game keeps its huge user base moving around through the real world attempting to catch all of the different types of Pokémon through augmented reality (you see the Pokémon in the real world through your phone). However it’s not just Nintendo that can make a profit from Pokémon Go. One feature of the game is that there are fixed real world locations for “Gyms” and “Poké-Stops”. These fixed locations

Google Calendar is a lifesaver for so many people, it allows you to easily organise events and meetings in seconds. Many businesses have become so dependant on it they may cease to function if they had to go back to paper calendars. Not satisfied with that, Google has released a new feature for their mobile calendar app to coincide with Calendars’ 10th birthday. The new feature in question is “goals”. Google Calendar now allows you to set goals for yourself that you actually want to complete but more often than not seem to fall by the wayside. Goals starts out with

1: Sidebar Ads Will Exist In Certain Circumstances While Google has confirmed that sidebar ads have been permanently removed and are a thing of the past for general queries, they have also stated that adds within the Knowledge Graph and Product Listing Ads will still be displayed on the right sidebar where appropriate. 2: Will There Be More Above The Fold Ads? For general queries there will still be just three ads above the fold. However Google has stated that “highly commercial queries” may have up to four ads above the fold. The demise of the sidebar ads means that these places will

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in USA has responded to a question posed to them by Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc, who had submitted a possible new design for a fully autonomous car that had “no need for a human driver”. This query included concepts that, at the moment, would be completely illegal such as the removal of the stock that controls the indicators and the removal of brake pedals. The NHTSA have come back and said “If no human occupant of the vehicle can actually drive the vehicle, it is more reasonable to identify the “driver” as

This year has been another great one for the annual supply of Super Bowl Commercials. It's a shame to leave any of them out, but here is the list of the top 5 funniest Super Bowl commercials of 2016. 5: Marmot: Love The Outside In this lighthearted commercial, a marmot shares some quality time outdoors with his friend. It's all going well until one them tries to take their friendship to a new level. 4: Kia: Walken Closet "Big Game" This ad features Christopher Walken, apparently living in a closet. He helps with big life decisions such as choosing the colour of your socks

Shodan, a relatively new search engine allows people to access strangers unsecured webcams and look through them. Shodan doesn’t limit its users to viewing people's webcams however, you can access any camera connected to the internet that isn’t properly secured. Yes that’s right, this search engine allows you to access indoor and outdoor security cameras and cctv cameras in retail stores. The most reprehensible part of this search engine for cams however, is that it allows people to view sleeping babies of parents who use webcams for baby monitoring purposes. In spite of the obvious criticism that most people would have of this