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What is the Trading Online Voucher Scheme? The government, through the National Digital Strategy provides financial support to small businesses that have less than 10 employees. The trading online voucher scheme provides grants up to €2,500 to help you get your business online *with co-funding of 10% from your business. In addition to this, the service provides training and advice to help your business trade online. Trading online is a vital aspect of modern business and the Trading Online Voucher Scheme cuts the costs making it a more affordable and viable investment and option for small businesses. What is the criteria to

Ecommerce Web Design 2017 - 3 Trends To Watch Ecommerce web design is constantly evolving in order to continuously improve user experience and streamline the buying process to increase conversion rates. Not only that but ecommerce sites have to be built in a more mobile oriented manner than ever to keep up with the changes in consumer buying habits. Here are 3 ecommerce web design trends for 2017. 1: Mobile First Design For years desktop web design has been given more attention than mobile web design, but that has slowly started to change as more and more people are using their mobile devices

Ecommerce Web Design Cork - Our Process At 3B1 Media & Marketing, we create fully custom elegant ecommerce websites that are designed specifically to streamline the purchasing process and generate the most sales possible for your business. We have a very particular process that allows us to meet all of our clients needs and expectations in a flexible and timely manner. Here’s how we achieve that. Step 1: Initial Meeting Before we begin designing your ecommerce website, it’s important to us that we meet with you to discuss what you would like to get out of the project and to get an initial

Failing to properly communicate your value proposition and creating bad product descriptions are two ecommerce web design mistakes that can send potential customers running. But those aren’t the only frequently seen issues that have a negative impact for online retailers. Here are 2 more damaging ecommerce web design mistakes. 1: Bad Imagery There are a whole range issues associated with selecting images to represent your products. Firstly, people can be turned off purchasing extremely easily if an image is slow to load. Avoid using images with a large file size, you always reduce their size through compression or scaling on programs like

If you are an ecommerce retailer then your website is your business. This means that solid web design is a crucial factor in maximising your profits and keeping your customers coming back by giving them a great user experience. It can be difficult to know where you can improve so here are 2 damaging ecommerce web design mistakes that could be hurting your bottom line. 1: Failing To Communicate Your Value Proposition From the moment a user lands on your website it should be clear what you can offer them and why it is better than your competitors. A strong initial value proposition