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Competition is fierce in the modern world, being successful nowadays requires a great strategy and making the most out of opportunities when they present themselves. Word of mouth marketing is an area many businesses forget about or don't take seriously. Word of mouth is essentially free advertising or promotion of a brand or their products. Marketing tactics and best practices can trigger positive word of mouth for businesses. Here are 5 benefits of word of mouth marketing to businesses. 1: Sales In today’s connected digital world, a single recommendation can have a far greater impact than anything else which a business

What is the Covid-19 Online Retail Scheme? The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted businesses significantly. Businesses needing an online presence is more vital than ever. The department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation has put forward the Covid-19 Online Retail Scheme to respond to the need for retail companies to improve and build their online presence and capacity to do business online. How Much Can Your Business Avail Of Under the Covid-19 Retail Scheme? Successful applicants to the scheme can avail of a maximum of 80% of the eligible project costs up to a maximum of €40,000. The minimum grant amount payable is €10,000. Projects

It is not easy to sell products online due to the serious competition that exists out there. Your website and e-commerce strategy are really important to overcome the high levels of competition that take place in different industries. Mistakes are great learning opportunities but wouldn't it be better if you didn't make the mistake or mistakes in the first place? To succeed in the area of selling online, you need to avoid these e-commerce mistakes that can cause your profits online to suffer. Here are 4 mistakes to avoid when selling online. 1: Define Target Market If you want to beat the

Upselling is a marketing technique used to influence customers to purchase more from you. That could be a more expensive, an upgraded version of a particular item or add-ons to make the product better. Upselling is the perfect strategy to increase the amount of money your customers spend during every transaction. When a prospective customer visits your site, you want them to spend as much money as possible to increase your revenue. For example, an online toy shop can suggest buying some playhouse accessories to decorate their new playhouse at an extra price. Most businesses focus a lot of their

There’s a lot of tools out there for building your own website. Website builder tools are making lots of money off people who don’t know the difference between easy to build websites and a proper website with semantic markup and search engine optimised code. Creating a great website is more than just putting a few elements on a page using a drag and drop system, using a carbon copy template and then it is ready to go. A website should be built with the user and the user experience in mind. A great website structure, the most up to date SEO

Landing pages are pages which a person arrives at on your website after clicking on ad or link. Marketers often make the mistake of directing all of their ad traffic to their homepage. However specific landing pages should be tailored to different ads. This provides a quality experience and drives a higher conversion rate with a targeted message that matches the user’s needs. Effective landing pages are key to successful online marketing. Your company's PPC ads and offers might be wonderful, but without a great landing page, your bottom line will suffer. You don’t want people to just visit your