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Google is more than just a search engine, Google offers lots of free tools that will help small businesses operate more effectively and get better results. These tools are easy to access and use. When it comes to marketing, the tools you use and the strategies you implement will have a major impact on the end result. Here are 3 free Google tools that all small businesses should use. 1: Survey Google Surveys allows you to discover valuable insights into the minds of your target audience. It facilitates customised market research. Real people answer your questions while browsing the internet which allows

Bloggers can make millions a year or a very healthy full-time income, however, others can make less, and some make no money at all. To make money blogging you’re going to first need to have a blog. Whether you are a business or individual person your blog should be based on something you have knowledge around, are passionate about, and can create quality content around. Setting up a successful blog is a difficult, and hard thing to do, it may seem easy in theory but when you get into it and try to master all the different aspects of a

More Important Than Ever To Have A Great Online Presence On Tuesday the 27th of March the St. Patrick's street car ban is coming into effect. With access to the city centre getting more difficult it is more critical than ever for businesses in the city to be selling well and have a great presence online. This ban is not going to encourage people to the heart of cork city but drive them away thus driving business sales down. Cork city business owner, Eddie Mullins, said to the Irish Examiner “This partial ban defies logic and will cause chaos and confusion" "If