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In February of this year Google began testing slow to load warning labels on their searches by putting a red caution label under links that were slow to load. They have continued testing that further for mobile devices. If Google deems the pages of your website to be slow to load and the person who searched for you is on a mobile device they are now warned with a small yellow caution label. With consumers need for things to be instant ever increasing this could be a bad sign for your business. So today we are going to go over a

WordPress was released to the world in 2003 as a simple piece of blogging software. But now 23.8% of all of the websites in the world and 54.8% of the top one million sites are powered by WordPress. So why is WordPress so popular? It probably has something to do with the following reasons why WordPress is best for SEO. 1 User Friendly One of the key reasons for this is how user friendly it is. As an end user you will love using WordPress for your Search Engine Optimisation as everything SEO related can be edited from the back end of

Google AdWords is Google’s pay per click platform. This means that you can pay to have your website at the top of Google for various keywords & phrases. For example if if you sell Lawnmowers in Cork you might want to rank for the term ‘Lawnmowers Cork’. Here’s a search I just did & you can see the ad area at the top, this is a Google AdWords result. We work with many business across the city creating great Google AdWords campaigns that not only send more targeted traffic to their websites but actually increases their sales. We use techniques like

Keyword research is one of the most critical components of a well-planned search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. In fact, search engines have become so highly keyword-centric that many businesses today consult keyword research and SEO specialists to identify the best keywords for optimizing a particular website. Once the best keywords have been identified, SEO specialists then update the website to reflect the prominence of these keywords in both the page’s html tags and its web content (text elements).  These updates are implemented by SEO specialists to make search engines rank the websites rankings within the search engine when people search