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There has been a long and lasting debate in the marketing world when it comes to the concepts of traditional and digital marketing. Some argue that the primary focus of a business in this day and age should be purely digital. Others believe that there is still a place for traditional marketing. And If you purely focus on traditional marketing‚Ķ well it's time to get with the times.  What is the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing? Traditional marketing is conducted in the offline setting (newspapers, print, radio, billboards, etc.) whereas digital marketing is purely online (social media, online advertising, influencers,

Reaching the right people at the right time is the hallmark of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The space is constantly changing as every day there are 15% entirely new search queries. Ranking high on Google is crucial as only 25% of users go beyond the first page of search results.  How do you ensure that your business continues to strive in SEO and rank higher to obtain the correct traffic? Here are three methods that your business can utilise in order to rank higher on Google. 1: Identify and use the correct keywords There are many tools you can use to help you

Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world with over 2.9 billion active monthly users. In Ireland, people aged 25-34 make up the majority of users with 24.2% of the userbase. Facebook is still to this day a highly relevant platform and your business shouldn't take its online advertising platform for granted. However, mistakes can be made when utilizing Facebook ads so here are three mistakes you should avoid at all costs! 1: Targeting Too Broad or Too Specific Audiences Who are you targeting? Defining your audience is crucial for success using Facebook ads. You only want to showcase

Writing blogs is a fantastic way to make your website a resource as it allows the right traffic to consistently visit your website. In turn, your website can rank higher on Google's search results. But how do you make your blog engaging and SEO friendly so it ranks higher? Here are a few tips that you can utilise in order to gain a competitive edge.¬† #1 Create engaging titles  You more than likely clicked on this article to consume information quickly. Using terminologies such as "3 tips", "5 easy ways", etc. can improve your click-through rate (CTR) for your article. It sets