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May 2019

  What is an SEO Audit?   An SEO Audit is when you evaluate a website to grades the site for its ability to appear in search engine results pages. An audit is a standard procedure for a website. For those serious about their website, these audits should be completed frequently. It’s done purely for marketing purposes and can give deep insights into your website, pages and traffic. It will also give you the opportunity to identify areas that could be bettered to help you rank higher. A full audit gives you an actionable plan that helps to: Compare yourself to competitors and use

There is a huge range of Google Ad tools out there that can help you gain insights, improve the efficiency and performance of your Ad campaigns. These tools provide you with a great way to manage parts of your campaigns in an easy and efficient manner with data driven insights. If you are looking for a PPC tool to help you manage your campaigns we would recommend Opteo. Opteo proposes improvements based on your conversion data and performance targets. With Opteo you can monitor and diagnose performance issues accurately. In real time. In this article we’ll go through the key features

The key to effective Google Ads is to create high quality adverts that are directly relevant to your target audience. The goal always being increased clicks and conversions. But creating high quality adverts is not as easy as it looks. Google’s quality score is Google’s way of telling you whether or not it thinks your advert is of high quality or not. The score can directly impact the performance of your adverts from where your advert is ranked to the cost of your advertising efforts. Why Does Your Google Ad Score Matter? Google’s Ad quality score matters for two entities. One to

In the last few years Instagram has gone from being a fun photo sharing app and now it is one of the strongest social media platforms for businesses. Instagram is known for its big brands, but it’s also a fantastic place for marketing local businesses also. Here are some great ways to garner maximum effectiveness from your Instagram account without paying for advertising. Local Hashtags Hashtags are one of the best ways to get found on Instagram. Whenever you feel it is appropriate add location hashtags to your post. For example here at 3B1 we would use #CorkCity #Douglas when relevant for our

  There’s no doubt about it. The speed at which digital is changing the world is unprecedented and companies simply have to keep up or will likely fall to the wayside in time to come. Transformation is not easy for businesses of any size. Companies feel like they have to stay on top of 101 things that they are being told digital can do for them - otherwise they’re “missing out”. For many organisations both big and small there also can be a reluctance to change what has always worked. These issues combined can lead to the perception that there is