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November 2018

It is not easy to sell products online due to the serious competition that exists out there. Your website and e-commerce strategy are really important to overcome the high levels of competition that take place in different industries. Mistakes are great learning opportunities but wouldn't it be better if you didn't make the mistake or mistakes in the first place? To succeed in the area of selling online, you need to avoid these e-commerce mistakes that can cause your profits online to suffer. Here are 4 mistakes to avoid when selling online. 1: Define Target Market If you want to beat the

Bounce rate is the estimate of how long site visitors spend on your website and leave before viewing a second page. A high bounce rate is mainly down to a poor customer experience that makes them want to leave their browsing session on your website. If your site visitors are leaving your site before you have a chance to turn them into customers, your business won’t grow. Outlined below are 3 ways to reduce your bounce rate. 1: Improve Your Page Load Time/Site Speed When a person has to wait an excessive amount of time for a page to load on your

The majority of people are aware of how Facebook can help you to grow your business but not many know how its Messenger platform can help your business become more successful. The Facebook Messenger platform has millions of active users. There is an average of 2 billion monthly messages sent between users and businesses on this platform with it expected to increase over the next two years. Facebook Messenger is now starting to become used more and more by businesses as they are recognising and leveraging its features to engage and communicate with new audiences and current customers. Here are

Instagram Stories is a fantastic way to keep your followers engaged while leaving your business open for new audiences to discover you. Not only are Instagram Stories creative but they’re great for achieving your marketing goals like more engagement, building brand awareness, driving traffic to site and increased sales. Whether you want to share general content or promote a social media marketing campaign, you can do it all within this feature. With more people using Instagram Stories every day, it’s important to have a strategy in place for business use. Here are 3 reasons why businesses should be using Instagram