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October 2018

YouTube is the second biggest internet search platform after Google with an audience of 1.5 billion monthly users and these figures are growing continuously. If you are a business that is thinking of trying out YouTube to advertise but don't know where to you start, we will help you. There are several different types of ads for you to choose from but before jumping right into trying them all out, you should figure out your objectives and what you want to get out of these video ads. Here are 3 types of ads your business should be using on YouTube. 1:

Google is more than just a search engine, Google offers lots of free tools that will help small businesses operate more effectively and get better results. These tools are easy to access and use. When it comes to marketing, the tools you use and the strategies you implement will have a major impact on the end result. Here are 3 free Google tools that all small businesses should use. 1: Survey Google Surveys allows you to discover valuable insights into the minds of your target audience. It facilitates customised market research. Real people answer your questions while browsing the internet which allows

A business involves risk, quality market research will help reduce that risk significantly. Market research is important to the success of the business because it eliminates any guesswork. It gives you the information and data necessary to help you create and drive a marketing strategy to successfully achieve your goals and objectives for your business. Market research is a systematic approach that will make marketing easier and more effective for you. Market research is applicable to all stages of a business life cycle whether that is starting a new business venture or if you are currently operating a business. It

A lot of people think blogging is easy but running a blog is far from a stroll in the park. There are lots of unexpected obstacles you must overcome, then on top of that, you are sure to make mistakes along the way. No blogger is 'perfect', even professional bloggers still make mistakes. Mistakes are fine once you learn from them and grow. To help you become a better blogger we have come up with a list of 3 blogging mistakes most bloggers make. If you’re making any of these blogging mistakes, try to correct them as quickly as you

Viral marketing is the creation of video or visual content that resonates with people to the point where the content is shared and seen by huge numbers of people. Creating a marketing campaign or piece of content that goes viral is what every marketer would love for their brand. By a piece of content spreading like wildfire digitally all over the world, engagement and awareness of that brand increase dramatically. There is no straightforward answer to how content goes viral. It's close to impossible to know what will and what won't go viral however there are some steps you can