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August 2018

Blogging is very time consuming but something that can be extremely rewarding. Taking great pictures for your blog can be mentally and physically exhausting. With help from free image sites, you don’t have to go through any stress relating to photography. This will free up time for you to put your time into other more important areas of your work. There are some great free image sites out there that don’t cost anything and can have a significant impact on your blog's performance. Here are 5 free image sites for beautiful blog images. Unsplash On Unsplash you can get beautiful pictures made available

If you thought your Instagram social video strategy couldn’t get any better, think again. Instagram recently rolled out a platform called IGTV, which is an entertainment hub for long-form video content. Instagram TV is a new opportunity that allows brands to share original user-generated content. The app allows you to create your own channel and start posting videos to large audiences of people. This is Instagram’s way of bringing brands closer to audiences and allowing people to discover them. With IGTV you have the ability to create videos up to ten minutes long (or an hour for accounts with a

Upselling is a marketing technique used to influence customers to purchase more from you. That could be a more expensive, an upgraded version of a particular item or add-ons to make the product better. Upselling is the perfect strategy to increase the amount of money your customers spend during every transaction. When a prospective customer visits your site, you want them to spend as much money as possible to increase your revenue. For example, an online toy shop can suggest buying some playhouse accessories to decorate their new playhouse at an extra price. Most businesses focus a lot of their

Google recently announced Responsive Search Ads which is a beta test version of their newest text ad format. Their new ad format is currently in testing for a select number of accounts. This format offers advertisers more character real estate and combines their descriptions and headlines. It is expected they will roll out a similar format to all advertisers. Responsive Search Ads are a new type of search ad that let you create an ad that can adapt to show more text and more relevant messages. They are powered by Google machine learning. You can enter multiple headlines and descriptions with

Remarketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques to bring people back to your website. This technique gives you a chance to reclaim those close to converting individuals and to capture those who showed an interest or high intent to buy from you. Lots of marketers & businesses still struggle with it. If your campaign isn't giving you the results you expected, then you need to try to fix it. Here are 2 ways to make your Facebook remarketing campaigns better. 1: Target By Visit Frequency Targeting by visit frequency is a great way to improve your remarketing campaign results. When

HubSpot is a leading CRM, sales, marketing and customer service online platform. They have recently just announced the launch of their new public directory which is a new and free offering to help agencies market their business and attract more inbound leads. The new site is an extension of their existing directory which currently features more than 700 listings and which previously was only available to HubSpot agency partners. Agencies spend most of their time catering for their clients, but often struggle to spend time marketing themselves. Sales can present an even bigger hurdle. The HubSpot agency directory is designed to

Great digital marketing agencies can work wonders for businesses. Picking an agency to help your business reach its goals and grow might seem easy due to the huge pool of digital agencies available. However, when it comes to deciding which one your business should work with, it is not so simple. Hiring a digital marketing agency can be an excellent investment for your organisation if you pick one that is good. Choosing a bad company to handle your marketing can result in a long run loss. Someone might wonder how do you know if a digital marketing agency is really

Social media advertising is online marketing that focuses on the use of social networking sites. Social networks are now a pivotal part of every company’s marketing strategy. The benefits of using these networks to showcase products and services are so effective, businesses not using social media platforms to advertise are missing out on a phenomenal marketing opportunity. Social media is extremely cost effective therefore it is perfect for both big and small size businesses. Social media marketing is clearly a key part of marketing success however, some marketers are unsure of which tactics to use and if they are effective.