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June 2018

Link building is a marketing tactic of acquiring links from other websites back to your own website. Quality backlinks are a key part of Google’s algorithm, they can be the deciding factor that shows a particular website at the top of the search results page. Even though link building is done mainly for search engine optimisation purposes, it is beneficial for many other reasons. Here are 2 ways link building can help your business. 1: Brand Awareness Quality link building tactics will help you establish your brand online and make people more aware of your brand. By putting out valuable content that

Making the decision to start an advertising campaign is big and sometimes this process can be frustrating and overwhelming. This is especially the case when you are new to advertising. In all that, it’s easy to make mistakes and write ineffective ads. We are here to help you to get the most out of your advertisements and to avoid making some of the common mistakes inexperienced advertisers make. Here are 3 ways to write more effective ads for your business. 1: Write For Your Audience When writing ads first think about who is your audience? Understanding who you’re targeting and why

Instagram launched video five years ago and now they are introducing a new feature and dedicated standalone app called IGTV which brings audiences closer to the creators and content they love and already engage with on the Instagram platform. Instagram is reinventing mobile video with this new app that features longer videos and easy discoverability all in a vertical format in the hand of the user. Instagram are recreating how we watch video on mobile. IGTV is an app for watching long-form vertical video from your favourite creators, it is a brand new experience inside of the main Instagram app. When

Landing pages are pages which a person arrives at on your website after clicking on ad or link. Marketers often make the mistake of directing all of their ad traffic to their homepage. However specific landing pages should be tailored to different ads. This provides a quality experience and drives a higher conversion rate with a targeted message that matches the user’s needs. Effective landing pages are key to successful online marketing. Your company's PPC ads and offers might be wonderful, but without a great landing page, your bottom line will suffer. You don’t want people to just visit your

Facebook has over 2 billion active users so there is a huge opportunity for online business growth and brand awareness through Facebook. There is a huge market to sell to on Facebook so adding a Facebook store to your online social media marketing strategy is a smart idea that can give your business a great return. The Facebook store/shop feature allows you to sell products through your Facebook page. When people visit your Facebook page, they can click on your shop section and purchase products directly on your Facebook store. Here are some of the benefits of having a Facebook

Instagram advertising gives brands a great opportunity to put out visually captivating content to their followers and new audiences. Instagram users are rapidly growing on this engaging social media platform and brands are leveraging its marketing benefits also. Whether it’s the nature of the platform itself or the continuous updates and changes, it is a fantastic resource for business marketers. Here are 3 more Instagram advertising tips to help you get better results from your Instagram marketing campaigns. 1: Use Instagrams Wide Range Of Features/Tools Instagram is continuously making changes for the benefit of its users. There’s a lot you can do

Instagram offers marketers a great opportunity to reach their target audiences. No matter how big or small your business is Instagram is a great place to advertise and here's why? Instagram has grown into a social media community of more than 800 million active users. With that kind of size and activity, it has become one of the leading social media networks to spend your advertising budget. However as more brands and companies join the Instagram platform and make use of its huge access to users and consumers, the feed becomes more competitive and it can be harder to stand out. There

Bloggers can make millions a year or a very healthy full-time income, however, others can make less, and some make no money at all. To make money blogging you’re going to first need to have a blog. Whether you are a business or individual person your blog should be based on something you have knowledge around, are passionate about, and can create quality content around. Setting up a successful blog is a difficult, and hard thing to do, it may seem easy in theory but when you get into it and try to master all the different aspects of a