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April 2018

Split testing is a method of controlling randomised marketing experiments in order to improve and optimise a website specific metrics like engagement levels, clicks, ads, call to actions, form completions or sales etc. Split testing is generally the measurement of two or more unique pages or ads against each other which are given an even split of traffic to each variant. Small or big changes can be done i.e complete different page design or just slight variations such as different text copy or changing a headline. When implementing A/B split testing you are typically trying measure just one change. If you

Blogging is a marketing tactic that businesses can and should use to get more online visibility. It is a marketing channel that helps support business growth. Blogging is the art of communication and discussing information with the public. Through regular posts and content, you are giving people an insight and better understanding of topics, situations and experiences. A great blog is all about creating value for readers so people will visit your website to read it. There are a number of reasons why it is important for businesses to be blogging;- SEO Search engine optimisation involves optimising your posts and content

Great web design is the most deadly tool in marketing. The aim of a website is to form connections with people, inform them about your business and hope they interact with your brand whether that is by contacting your business or purchasing a product/service you offer. If you notice that sales online and visitors to your website are low or not what you expect then it can be disappointing. The fact of the matter is that people will always want the products or services you provide, they are online and researching and just waiting to connect with your business. So

Social media is important for every brand, it is a catalyst for brand awareness, growth and sales. If utilized properly and strategically it can have powerful impacts and results for your brand.Promoting your brand through different social media channels is vital to the success of your brand. The key however to becoming a successful social media user is not the content but in fact the engagement and value your content and posts creates to the consumer. For marketers across social media, constantly adjusting your strategy to stay in touch with the followers of your brand is what will reap the

Google AdWords and its features are constantly changing and updating. It is important to be aware of those changes and added features and put some of them to use in order to increase your PPC performance for your company. Implementing and updating your campaign(s) with new features is the only way you will get the most out of your ad spend and to uncover new valuable information/data to make informed marketing decisions. Here are 3 features you should try implementing in AdWords:- 1. Promotion Extensions Promotion extensions let you add extra information to your ads, showcasing specific products or product groups

Millions of people are using different social media platforms daily. Social media strategies capture the imagination and participation of users worldwide. When used with a strategic approach it is the most impactful form of marketing you or your business can partake in. Connecting with people who are interested in what you do or what products/services you offer are important as it will lead to more engagement, help increase your following and may even result in sales or a work-related project. Whether you are a big company, a little company, or an individual a good social media presence is huge and being

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an essential part of every business no matter how big or small. Lots of people speculate whether it is a thing of the past but in fact, it is more vital than ever to businesses. With the intense competition of the digital world in today's current climate, SEO has become an integral part of every business because it is a hugely effective way of getting your brand out there. SEO provides arguably the best ROI your business can get of all the forms of online marketing out there on the internet today. There are two

Google AdWords is one of the most effective ways for an advertiser to reach new customers online. Google AdWords consists of search network advertising where ads show in relation to keywords relative to your business which have been searched and the display network whereby ads show to people across millions of different Google and partner sites. Last year there were on average 9 billion searches every day. This advertising network gives advertisers huge control over where they would like their ads to show and gives them access to big numbers of individuals and potential customers seeing their ads. There are

The Cork city council has established a special group of individuals to make strategic property purchases, in hope to create a mini-boom in Cork city worth an estimated €700m. During a Cork city revitalisation briefing for business leaders this week, the cork city council published a report on the city centre's revitalisation entitled "A City on the Rise is Beautiful Thing". Containing some interesting and interesting stats for business owners in Cork city Some of the interesting stats outlined in the report were;- 200,000 people walk down Patrick street each week, one in five of the city's daytime population are