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June 2017

Upselling is about persuading a customer to buy an additional product or one that is more expensive when they are ready to make a purchase. If you have a brick and mortar retail business, you know that upselling customers when they are about to make a purchase can be a huge boost to your sales, and likely you have already trained your staff to attempt to upsell whenever it's plausible to do so. Not only can it help increase your profits, but it can also be beneficial to the customer as it stops them having to make another trip to the

We have worked with Douglas Forest and Garden for years. In that time we have designed and developed their website, ran many successful digital marketing campaigns on AdWords and Facebook as well as helping to boost their natural search rankings with search engine optimisation campaigns. The latest challenge we were set by DFG was in relation to their range of BERG go karts and trampolines and was the most ambitious to date. The Challenge Drive traffic at a profitable cost per customer for Douglas Forest and Gardens range of kids go karts and trampolines. Increase brand awareness and further associate the DFG