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November 2016

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. This is largely due to its amazing flexibility and it’s ease of use. It’s great for web designers and end users alike. However, it’s popularity also means that cyber criminals put time and effort into trying to find weaknesses that they can exploit. This makes security a concern, but here are 3 simple tips to keep your WordPress website secure. 1: Change Login URL Everyone in the world of web design knows that the standard WordPress login page URL is found by adding /wp-login.php or /wp-admin/ to the end of

Web Design Cork - The Benefits For Your Business These days it’s crucial to have a strong presence online if you want your business to thrive. But if you truly want your business to stand out from the crowd you need more than just a presence on the web, you need your own website. Here are 5 benefits of creating a website for your Cork business. 1: Your Business Becomes Discoverable People are relying more and more on the web to answer their purchasing queries. If they want goods or services, they simply take out their laptop or phone and search. If you