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October 2016

Content Marketing - 3 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Content The majority of content marketing strategies rely solely on creating new written content from scratch every time. While this is a great way to stay focused and on trend, it can also be a huge waste of resources. New content is always needed, but your old written content can also be repurposed to keep getting great results over time. Here are 3 ways to repurpose your old content. 1: Create PowerPoint Presentations With a little editing it’s simple to repurpose old content into a PowerPoint presentation and upload it to the web. If

SEO Cork - Our Process We develop and implement SEO strategies for Cork businesses that improve your natural search engine rankings. While it’s impossible to guarantee specific results from SEO, we have a great track record of running successful search engine optimisation projects, with a host of clients getting to number one in search engine ranking pages for the search terms that are most important to their business. We have a very particular process that we go through here at 3B1 which helps us get the best results for your business. Step 1: Initial Meeting Before the initial meeting we will have already

Ecommerce Web Design Cork - Our Process At 3B1 Media & Marketing, we create fully custom elegant ecommerce websites that are designed specifically to streamline the purchasing process and generate the most sales possible for your business. We have a very particular process that allows us to meet all of our clients needs and expectations in a flexible and timely manner. Here’s how we achieve that. Step 1: Initial Meeting Before we begin designing your ecommerce website, it’s important to us that we meet with you to discuss what you would like to get out of the project and to get an initial