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September 2016

Today Google has marked it’s 18th birthday with a doodle of the “G” from Google blowing up a balloon and shaping it into the rest of their name, “oogle”. The G blows the balloon up a bit too much and begins to fly away before falling back to earth to start the GIF over again. So, happy birthday Google. But is it really Google’s birthday? Yes, no, kind of… Firstly, there is the question of whether Google is actually 18 years old. It could actually be 19 years old. The Google.com domain name was first registered on September 15th in 1997,

Callout extensions are an integral part of your Google AdWords campaigns. They can be incredibly useful when portraying to a searcher what your business offers and what differentiates you from your competition beyond your title, description and sitelinks. When used correctly, callout extensions can be the deciding factor in whether a user clicks on your ad, or your competitors. Here are 3 tips for Google AdWords callout extensions. 1: Create Multiple Callout Extensions For Each Campaign Best practice is to create at least 4 or 5 solid callout extensions for each campaign. If you can come up with more than that, go for

3 Ways Cork Brands Can Emotionally Connect With Customers It can be difficult to prove to customers that your company is more trustworthy than the next, but it’s worth the effort. Emotionally engaged customers are usually more loyal, more satisfied with your products, more willing to go ahead with future purchases and have a much higher lifetime value. If Cork businesses can manage to tap into their customers emotional needs and fulfil them, they will see significant growth in sales and customer retention. Here are 3 ways Cork brands can emotionally connect with customers. 1: Speak Directly To Your Customer You have likely

Keeping your WordPress website secure is essential if you want to continue to have customers trust your site and your business. This is especially true for ecommerce sites, if you are hacked even once it could have devastating effects on your sales with possible customers being too worried about purchasing from you online. Here are 2 quick tips to keep your WordPress website secure. 1: Be Careful When Adding User Accounts For most businesses it’s not practical to have just one person with the ability to access the website. For example if you run a website that 8 bloggers regularly contribute to, they

If you are handling the search engine optimisation of a website you will probably have read up extensively on the subject to try to improve your results. But you should beware that, like every subject, there are countless myths floating around about best practices that may actually end up hurting your results rather than improving them. Here are 3 SEO myths debunked. 1: Meta Descriptions Are Worthless It’s commonly thrown around that meta descriptions are useless for search engine optimisation purposes. While it is true that they don’t directly affect your ranking in SERP’s, they do have a significant impact on click

Expanded text ads (ETA’s) are a great addition to the Google AdWords platform. However, with the extra space, comes a new set of best practices to help you get the most out of your AdWords campaigns. Here are 2 more best practices for Google AdWords expanded text ads. 1: Make Use Of Customisable URL Paths ETA’s now include two path fields that allow you to easily add keywords into your URL’s. This is a great opportunity to incorporate your top keywords into your ads to help boost your click through rates. Similarly, these path sections allow for dynamic keyword insertion to make your