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January 2016

It’s important to know how to protect your website from hackers. Often hackers hack because they want to steal your personal information, credit card information, banking information and passwords so they can make money, fast. Not only do they want to steal from you, a lot of the time they also want to steal from your customers. They find vulnerabilities in your software and abuse it until they can bend your site to their will. To guard from hackers you must do more than just have a great website and let it sit there. It needs constant updating. Once plugins become outdated

Email conversion rates have grown rapidly over the last few years. A study by McKinsey & Company found that they actually convert over 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter combined. Every online business needs a good email list to survive. However you should never focus solely on the size of your email list, you simply have to take the conversion rate into account. Would you prefer 500 subscribers with an open rate of 70% or 1,000 subscribers with an open rate of 10%? It’s obvious, it doesn’t matter how many people are receiving your emails if no one is looking

Friend Finder is the Facebook app that retrieves information from your email contact list and sends invitations to people to join up, this allows Facebook to market to non-users. When you sign up for the app it tells you to import your email and phones contacts so you can easily send promotional invitations to your friends. A German court has upheld the decisions from lower Berlin courts in 2012 and 2014, deeming the reason to be that the promotion is “intrusive”. The court found that Facebook violated Germany’s laws on data protection and unfair trade practices by using deceptive marketing

Marketing for local business owners can get very complicated, very quickly. New technologies rolling out constantly means business owners have to be on their toes. As a business owner, your target audience is fragmented across over countless platforms. However in this article I will be sharing the 4 steps to simplify your local marketing strategy that you need to follow to make your marketing more straightforward to carry out.   1: Don’t Give Too Much Information By this I don’t mean don’t give any information, just keep it to what’s relevant and elicits the response you are going for. If a user is berated

  In this article I will be sharing 4 tips to improve your Adwords performance for 2016. There are many ways to boost performance but these 4 are simple, quick & almost always lead to substantial improvements. 1: Integration Google has changed the name of “Webmaster Tools” to “Analytics & Search Console”. These services are offered by Google for free and are truly effective research tools. Another free tool is the keyword planner which shows you how many people are searching for your product and what search terms they are using. Google allows you to use these tools for free as they are

Radio and print media no longer reach as many people as they used to. Yet the costs associated with them are still very high when compared to the reach that is possible with online advertising. A study carried out in 2012 by PEW Research centre shows that since the year 2000, the amount of people who read newspapers has halved. They also found that the number of people listening to the radio has fallen from 54% to 33% in a similar time frame. On the other hand online advertising is in a stronger position than ever. The purpose of this article

When you are running a small top medium sized business and don’t have an army of marketers at your beck and call, it can be a daunting task to try drive customers to your website over your competitors’. However this guide should make it a little bit easier for you to not only compete, but start to beat larger companies in terms of web traffic. This is 5 ways to drive traffic to your website in 2016. 1: Spend More Time On Your Headlines It’s crucial that your headlines are attention grabbing, 80% of people just read the headline of an ad