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July 2015

Sometimes it’s hard to choose the right plugins for you. There is so much choice out there it’s easy to feel swamped. Today I will be giving you a list of some great plugins which always come in useful. Here are my 9 must use WordPress plugins. 1: Akismet: Akismet is an anti spam plugin that checks comments against the Akismet web service to determine whether or not they are spam. Any blog or comment section needs some kind ofanti spam system and this is the best. 2: Backup WordPress: This is a database and file backup plugin. It backs up your

For nearly every website owner, accidentally tripping yourself up over Google’s organic search algorithms can be a regular occurrence. When optimization, link building, architecture and structuring data all get thrown into one pot it’s easy to make a few mistakes. Some of these mistakes can, unbeknownst to the website owner, cause a loss in ranking or even manual penalties. Today I will be going over 3 simple but damaging SEO mistakes that you should be avoiding. 1: Structured Markup Structured data penalties have been reinvigorated by Google’s latest quality update. They target pages that include invisible, misleading, or irrelevant content. Certain markups are rewarded

When it comes to Facebook ads it can sometimes be hard to understand what things will work for you and what things won’t. Here are some hints and tips that should help you engage more with your customers and get a higher CTR. 1: Let Other People Do The Selling By this I don’t mean just stop trying. Some of the best performing Facebook advertisements of 2015 don’t just try to outright sell to the customers, they put their words in other people's mouths. This is easier than it sounds. One way in which you can do this is to simply promote

Taking up more space than your competitors paid ads is paramount when it comes to eCommerce retailers. Ad extensions, shopping ads and copy all come into play just to name a few. Today however I will be going over some of the last utilized and easy to implement features for eCommerce retailers. 1: Review Extensions Review extensions are rarely used. This could be due to how critical Google is of the use of review extensions which often ends in disapproval. However two types of review extensions that usually get approved are the BBBA (Better Business Bureau Accreditation) and the Google Trusted Stores

Quite often you see lists of advice regarding Pay Per Click advertising telling what the best practices are and what you should be doing. However today I am going to be telling you about some of the things that you shouldn’t be doing as they may be having a negative impact on your campaigns. 1: Don’t Assume Success Translates Between Campaigns Just because you have had a successful campaign in the past doesn’t mean that employing the same tactics will work for you again. When campaigns have different aspects to each other, they are bound to have differences in what makes them